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Do women have a harder time than men after a divorce?

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Friday, January 20, 2017.

A divorce is never easy on anyone, no matter how prepared they are. However, studies have shown that the divorce process, as well as the following years, may be especially difficult on women. If you are a Tampa woman who is considering a divorce, it may help to be prepared for the emotional and financial stress you might experience.

According to NerdWallet, more women than men end up living in poverty and relying on public assistance after a divorce. Why is this the case? Despite equal rights between genders, many women continue to earn less than their husbands. Some women stay at home during the marriage to care for the children while their husbands work, which may result in their job skills becoming outdated. Many women’s credit also suffers after a divorce. As you can imagine, these financial problems could put you under a great deal of stress. In fact, a study by Duke University showed that divorced women, even after remarrying, had a significantly higher chance of having a heart attack than men, or women who never divorced.

Is it possible to avoid these financial pitfalls and reduce some of the stress you might feel during a divorce? If you are anticipating your marriage ending, you might consider going back to school to increase your earning potential. It may also help to look into options for health insurance, life insurance and estate planning for your children. To reduce stress, you might consider counseling or joining a support group for divorced women. This information is meant for educational purposes, but should not replace the advice of a lawyer.