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Divorce and the military — what you need to know

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Thursday, August 9, 2018.

Military families deal with uniquely trying circumstances. From frequent moves to long periods of separation and demanding jobs, the pressure on marriages is tremendous, and it shows. Florida military members divorce at much higher rates than their civilian peers and must also handle more difficult issues during the process.

Being a parent is not at odds with serving in the military, but it can make divorce extremely complicated. With one or both parents likely to move every few years or deploy on short notice, creating a child custody arrangement that reflects a child’s best interests can be difficult. It is essential for parents to take the time to craft the best parenting plan possible. This means including contingencies for military moves, deployments, temporary duties and more.

Financial support is another standard divorce topic that becomes more complicated once you throw the military into the mix. Parents need to be certain that their children will benefit from certain financial distributions, like health insurance and military pensions. Carefully crafted support and divorce agreements can ensure that these distributions are in place for a child’s benefit.

Divorce is never easy. From the emotional side of things to the financial implications, ending a marriage is complicated. Military members in Florida need to be even more dedicated to the process, otherwise they run the risk of missing out on important time with their children and other critical benefits. Most active duty service members choose to work under the guidance of an experienced counsel who understands the sensitive nature of their situation.