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Actress Kate Hudson discusses raising children after divorce

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

Blended families are a common part of modern life in Florida and around the nation. Though it can be difficult for parents who are not in a romantic relationship to care for shared children, it is not an impossible task. Actress Kate Hudson has three children each with different fathers, and she recently shared her opinion on how to raise children in a healthy environment under similar circumstances. She credits her mother, Goldie Hawn, for setting a example on how to co-parent after divorce or a breakup.

Hudson says that her mother was very careful not to speak negatively about Hudson’s father in front of Hudson and her brother. She says that doing so can cause resentment from children who may still care a great deal about their other parent. She stresses that children are paying attention to much more than parents may realize, and they will eventually draw their own conclusions based on how both parents treat one another after going their separate ways.

Hudson also says that communication between all parties is essential when co-parenting over multiple households. She credits the fact that she is wealthy enough to care for herself and her children for keeping the relationships she has with her children’s fathers amicable. Unlike many women, she is fortunate enough to not be reliant on her exes, or anyone else, for financial support.

Even those who aren’t movie stars like Kate Hudson can learn a great deal from her story. A person’s wealth does not insulate children from the potentially negative effects of divorce. However, it is possible for parents to share parenting duties and get along so that children can grow up in as stable an environment as possible. Those here in Florida who are considering divorce can consult an attorney if they find themselves in a similar situation.