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Divorce Planning

A divorce is one of the highest rated stressors in life. With all the turmoil and emotion that even the thought of divorce brings with it, now is the time to start planning to make sure that you are protected. Many people facing divorce don’t plan to fail in protecting their assets, they just fail to plan.


The legal team at The North Tampa Legal Group, P.A. can advise you about what to expect in the divorce process. We can also advise you about steps you can take now to protect your interests in a future divorce proceeding. From our office in Tampa, we serve clients throughout Hillsborough County and the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Call 813-295-7854 to schedule a consultation.


Protecting Your Financial Interests


Many people are shocked when they find out assets they thought were theirs, such as their 401(k), are marital property subject to Florida’s equitable distribution laws. Here are some things you can do to protect your financial interests:

  • If you owned assets or property before your marriage, you will need to prove that those assets are yours. Keep good financial records.
  • Avoid doing things that could cause your separate property from becoming marital property. For example, do not deposit your separate money in a joint bank account. If you own a home, do not add your spouse’s name to the deed.
  • Avoid posting anything on Facebook or other social media that you would not want to see introduced as evidence in a divorce trial. Do not say anything disparaging about your spouse, as this will make you look bad in the eyes of the court.
  • Gather information all of the assets that you and your spouse own, including retirement accounts.
  • Consider canceling joint credit cards.

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