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At The North Tampa Legal Group, P.A. our lawyers represent professional athletes, doctors and business owners who are going through divorce in the Tampa Bay Area. Our decades of experience and our reputation for being tough litigators make us a premier resource for divorce cases involving children, significant financial assets and earnings.


Comprehensive Family Law Services
For High Earners And Their Spouses


Our clients have a lot to lose, and we make it our mission to fight on their behalf to keep the things that matter to them: children, careers and standard of living. Divorce, family and marital issues are contentious and emotional. When children, financial assets, property, career and standard of living are a stake, the process becomes even more volatile. When the stakes are high, you need an aggressive advocate and litigator in your corner who will protect you and pursue the best outcome for you and your children. Attorney Chris E. Ragano is that advocate. His career is devoted to getting justice for people at a time when they are angry, confused, hurt and highly emotional. He becomes the voice of reason during a convoluted period of their lives when some people aren’t even sure what is in their best interests.


We protect our clients’ rights while guiding them through divorce, as well as related issues like:

  • Complex property division:
    We help clients retain their fair share of assets, including stock portfolios, retirement funds and other jointly owned property to be divided during divorce.
  • Business valuation:
    We work closely with business owners to uncover and protect a variety of business assets.
  • Spousal maintenance:
    We assist high earners who want to minimize their alimony obligations to a former spouse, as well as people who want to collect substantial alimony.
  • Parenting time:
    Nothing is more important than your child’s well-being, which is often served by a strong relationship with both parents. We litigate aggressively to help our clients get the parenting time they feel is fair.
  • Domestic violence:
    We have criminal defense experience, giving us an edge in matters involving domestic violence allegations. We have helped victims get the protection they need, and helped people falsely accused of domestic violence clear their names and succeed in divorce proceedings.


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